Jamtin Craft Days

A little while back, well, it was some time ago actually as it was before our big move, I held a Jamtin craft day. No great shakes, just some friends who came to our house bearing glue, paint, beads, mosaic tiles, imagination, snacks and wine. There was nothing formal arranged – just the invitation to come and share the morning / lunch / afternoon with the girls, and what a great day it was. I told people that I’d be ready from about 11am onwards and I think the last person left at about 6 that evening, and probably only because we had dinner planned out with some friends that night.

So here’s my advise – so many people I speak to have been meaning to do this for a while – just do it. You don’t have to have the best studio space, or be an expert on crafting – we all just clubbed together, shared ideas and by the end of the day we had some great projects – both completed and some works in progress. It did help that I had a craft cupboard close at hand with a few items that we could use, but I’m 100% sure that I’m not the only one with a craft cupboard filled with all sorts of very important useless stuff.

Do it now – send an email out to 10 mates and book a Jamtin day! We’d love to hear back from you – feel free to send through any pics as well, or load them onto the Jamtin page on facebook – here are some from ours…

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