It’s ‘Choose Glass Week’

Did you know that it’s “Choose Glass Week” this week, and so in honour of this I thought I’d put one or two posts up on using glass.

First off – here’s 5 reasons to choose glass

  • Glass is infinitely recyclable
  • Glass is versatile
  • Glass adds style to any occasion
  • Glass is the healthy choice
  • Things taste better in glass
  • (And my 6th thing is that you can make some really beautiful DIY projects using glass!!)

Follow this link from Chez Beeper Bebe for a tutorial on how to make these Mason Jar Lanterns.

Love this idea from Completely Coastal to display photos from a summer holiday, either for your holiday home or as a reminder of a special holiday when life returns back to normal.

Here’s some more examples from Design Sponge where they’ve used glass jars to display photos.

How simple is this idea for using glass bottles for vases. I’m a sucker for this kind of decor!

(Image seen on Tiny White Daisies Tumblr)

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