Fabric covered pots

I say it every year…. but seriously THIS year I am going to make a lot more of my Christmas presents for family. There I said it… Christmas.. I know, it’s only September, but I know how it works, before we know it, it’s like the 22nd December and we’re frantically scrambling for last minute presents. This year… I’m going to be organized… and going to make gorgeous, loved filled gifts (only for those family members of course who will appreciate handmade goodies!)

So…. for those of you with gardeners in the family – don’t you love this idea – fabric covered pots that you could fill with seeds, gardening gloves etc. The tutorial says not to use them outside, but I reckon perhaps on a verandah might be a happy compromise to grow some herbs in? (Says me who can’t keep a weed alive, ha ha, it just sounded nice believe that I could grow a herb garden on my verandah in such pretty pots though)

The tuturial can be found over at Christine Chitnis

Pop over to www.jamtin.co.za to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

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