Loving Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint could possibly be one of the most underrated product for some DIY fun I reckon!

So… to start off with, I found this ‘recipe’ from The CSI Project to make your own chalk board paint – the great thing is that by doing so you can create chalk board paint in any colour…. (I haven’t tried this yet but am hoping it works as well as it looks!)

And once you’ve made your paint (or brought some of the standard stuff from the store), you could do something like this at your entrance hall…. imagine being able to create a personalised  welcome to your family or visitors when ever you wanted to create one! This inspiration comes from The Four McGarveys

And here’s some more inspiration from Chic Cheap Nursery


Have you seen those cool glass jars with the chalk board labels on them where you can write on what ever is in the jar (like the one in the picture above).. uber trendy at the moment I think…. I’ve even labelled the pasta in my kitchen with them… you know… it’s important to label such things in case you get confused :)

But… don’t you think this idea is such a great one to make your own chalk board labels – all you need is some plain white label stickers, chalk board paint and there you go -your very own labels…

You can see how it’s done at A Little Learning for Two

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