Hosting a Craft Party

A few of us friends get together every couple of months on a Saturday for a crafting day… Babies and kids are left behind with the Dads, craft bags are packed with scissors, double sided tape, glue guns and any other crafting accessories we need. Cupcakes are made, we’ve even had home made lemonade and biscuits brought as sustenance for the day, and it’s a full day spent chatting, creating and gathering inspiration from each other. Seriously, I’m such the novice amongst the group of creative ladies I’ve been clever enough to surround myself with – that’s my talent I bring to the group – choosing the right people to hang out with!

Now how cool is this invite for our next craft day!!!


(Image and idea from Lefrufru Blog)

And then I could use these craft party printables from Etsy, as seen onĀ  Green Lily Designs

And anyone looking for some tips on how to host a craft part here are some from Living the Swell Life.. (Don’t be intimated by this list – this would be a uber uber craft party). In my opinion all you really need is a group of like minded crafting chicks, whatever you each want to bring from your craft cupboards, some inspiration from each other, some basic food & drinks and that should be more than enough for an amazing day that you’ll wish you did more often (hint hint to our craft club, it’s been a while!)

I’d love to know more about craft days that you host or attend?


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