I Heart Market

If you follow Jamtin on Facebook, or Twitter, you might have seen us mentioning the I Heart Market once or twice before. Now I might be a bit biased on this market because I do of course know that there are many beautiful handmade markets scattered around the country, this is ‘my’ handmade market – the one I get to go to when ever I’m in town on the first Saturday of the month and so yes of course I feel a little bias towards it, especially when I’ve spend so much time oohing and aahing so many of the goods that are available.

Some of my favourites from the Market include (but by no means are limited to!)

Genevieve Motley – how stunning are these cuff links


And these brooches from her as well…

(And while we’re on Gen Motley, if you’re a mom, or going to be a mom, you might just love reading her series on “Raising Creatively” over here)

Beautiful art and design by Jen-Jen

Next up us Yummi – how much of cuteness is Ethan the Ellie? You should check out their website for their fullĀ  range of handmade toys.

More Yumminess from Yummi with their Decor Range.

And then you have to pop over to Olivia Villet to let your eyes slowly absorb her beautiful stationary, gift cards, wrapping paper amongst others…

Wrapping Paper (R10 a sheet)

Sticker sheet – R18 a sheet

Next up is The Little Mud Hut who makes a delicious array of amazing goodies, ranging from stamped pegs, gift wrapping, bunting, fridge magnets – seriously – just a whole lot of awesome made here.



I don’t wear much jewellery, but I do really love the jewellery from Starbright Girl

Ok peeps, I have to close off this post now, as it’s taking me so long getting distracted at every blog I visit…

All I can say is that this is just the tip of the I Heart Market iceberg… there are three markets coming up especially for Christmas on the 3rd, 10th and 17th December, at the Moses Madhida Stadium (Durban).

And remember

ps – I apologise to the lovely stall holders at the I Heart Market for not often saying hello as Jamtin… flip, the truth be told is that I’m just such a shy thing. I know, pathetic, but true!


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