Bottled Sunshine

I linked to this product recently on Facebook and had quite a bit of interest shown, so thought I’d blog on it and give you all a little more information on these amazing jars of ‘bottled sunshine’.

The official product description is goes along the lines of  “A Solar-powered light, a safe energy alternative, which is safely housed in a Consol Classic jar, which provides a practical and attractive  casing for the functional product”.

I prefer bottled sunshine, as that really is what it is… I just love these jars and the different ways you can use them. I took two of these jars with us on a recent, rather disastrous,  camping trip (you can read all about it on my other blog), and have to admit it might have been the one thing that I actually got right (we forgot the tent pegs, a few essential items like cutlery etc etc and it rained and poured for most of the weekend!), but needless to say…. we had light, and sometimes when you have light in a darkish situation, things tend to get a little better! They really were a bit of light, I mean life saver on the trip for me! Anyway, enough of our camping trip… it’s certainly not the only time we use the lights. In fact there’s nothing nicer at the end of a day, the little monkey asleep in her cot, and we can settle down to a drink outside with prettyness sparking out of our solar light jars – hanging from the verandah.

They’re available  at the Consol retail outlets in Woodmead (Gauteng) and  Stellenbosch; or for more information you can visit the Consol Website, or their Facebook page.

ps – they also make a great gift in my books and for R120 each you really can’t go wrong!

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