Top 10 Tips for your Creative Bizz website

Whether you’re selling products online or offline, you need to have a website which not only lets people know who you are and what you do, but which establishes you as the go-to person in your field.  It’s no longer good enough to have a few static pages.  The more you build relationships through your site, the more people will buy what you have to sell.

Here are the 10 tips to rock your bizz online:

1.  Write a blog – there is no better way to attract a following and it’s a great way to consistently add new and fresh content.  It’s really easy too.  Just download WordPress and install it via your host.  And use a real domain name, not a .blogspot address.  Give yourself credibility.

2.  Have an email subscription sign-up form.  You want to have the email addresses of your greatest fans.  Why?  You can stay in regular contact, provide them with great information and they will also be the people who buy your stuff.

3.  Kick ass with social media – make sure you have ample opportunity for your visitors to hook up with you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (and any other social media platforms you belong to) on your site.  Also, include the option for them to use these platforms on your blog posts.  In other words, give them pictures to pin, content to like and comments to tweet.

4.  Good design is everything – visitors to your site will decide if they like it or not in under 3 seconds.  Yup.  That quick.  So before they’ve even started reading your content and what you’re about, they’ve decided what they think of you.  And this is all based on your design.  Get a professional, simple WordPress theme that suits your brand.

5.  Steer clear from fancy fonts, too many colours, background music, flashing ads and pop-up videos.  You want the reader’s entire focus on your content – don’t irritate them or force them to click away.

6.  Give away goodies.  Have a freebies page, or give all your subscribers a free gift when they sign up.  People adore free stuff.  And make it good – this will be their first impression of what you have to offer.  If they like it they will pay for your other stuff too.

7.  The most visited page on any website is the About page.  People like to know who you are and what you can do for them.  Be sure to include a photo so that you become a “real person” to them, not just an online company.  Also, even though it’s an About page, it isn’t all about you.  Start off by telling your readers how you can help them, then share some social proof (testimonials, rave reviews) and finally more about you as a person.

8.  Share content that is valuable, provides solutions and has the potential to go viral.  People don’t really want to hear about your shopping trips, what you ate for breakfast and why your dog Molly is the best in the world.  They want content that can help them solve a problem they have or that will improve their lives.  Use catchy headlines, do your research and give our readers stellar content.  This will make them share the info with their friends and come back for more.  Don’t ever be boring.

Give your readers an experience, appeal to their emotions.  If you’re talking about the new necklace you made, share high quality photos and perhaps discuss how you did it or where you found your materials (if your market includes fellow crafters), or how your customer can wear it, what the stones represent and so on.  Make it meaningful and personal.  Don’t make it all about “the sale.”

9.  Only publish content that you have edited and re-edited.  Nothing drives people away faster than typo’s and bad spelling.  Project professionalism.  Check your work. Then check it again.  Only click publish when you know it’s your best work.

10.  Have an online store.  Although people don’t necessarily mind going through a brochure and ordering via email, they really do prefer going through a one-click process and paying immediately online.  You can set this up really easily on your site through EJunkie and PayPal, or you can set up a store on sites like Etsy and Jamtin.  The easier you make the shopping process, the more people will be keen to buy from you.


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Michelle Ainslie is the go-to expert for aspiring creative solopreneurs who want to quit their jobs and make money doing what they love.

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