Father’s Day Gifts

It’s Father’s Day on the 17th June – a whole 10 days away (For me that’s forward planning like never before!) . The Daddy in our family really needs some spoiling this year, he’s just such an awesome Dad. I know what I’m like though and don’t want to spend the Saturday before racing around the shops getting something that doesn’t mean anything to him, hence my having a look at Jamtin and the web for some ideas that I think would be great.

This idea wouldn’t work for us, cause our little girl monkey wouldn’t look good in a tie (neither would the dad wear one) but I do know so many Dad’s that would love these Personalized Baby and Dad White T-shirt and Vest from Say It Creative


And if cute baby grows aren’t quite what you’re looking for, how about some Manly Body Thrills (body and bath products). The uber cool Body Thrills has an awesome range for men, ranging from shower gels, to after shave balms, muscle soak, among others, and all in ridiculously awesome flavours (and while you’re at it, no one will notice if you throw in one of their lip balms for yourself…. perhaps their cupcake frosting flavour will tempt you, or chocolate pudding lips.. and if you’re not looking for something sweet – I’m sure you wouldn’t go wrong with the citrus explosion flavour)




Another great gift for Dad could be some personalized photo magnets from La Cüsh. Simply email through 5 of your best photos of the kiddies with Dad, and they get converted into magnets – perfect for the fridge… I reckon this would be a great Granddaddy gift…

Ok, and now I’m holding thumbs that our Dad isn’t reading this blog post (just this once) and finds out what he might be getting! You see, the thing is, our Dad does a MEAN T-Rex impersonation… I mean the real deal, like many people used to think his name was ‘Rex’ cause that’s what everyone called him… so, when I came across these knitted beanies from Hello Nunu, I couldn’t resist – one for him and one in pink for our little monkey and together they can T-Rex around and take over the world…

So many gorgeous designs for babies and kiddies from Hello Nuno and most accommodating for custom orders as well :)

Let me know if you have any other handmade gift suggestions for the special Dad’s in your families…

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