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Handmade Mobile

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog! I’ve come up with excuses in the past for not being the most regular blogger, but my excuse this time  is my favourite one – I’ve had a baby!

Because we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl (we had a gorgeous little girl) we chose a farmyard theme for the nursery. Some of my very creative friends came over and I had our very own home edition of extreme home makeover, transforming our spare room to a beautiful, warm and baby friendly nursery. Anyway, that’s a little beside the point – what these very creative and special friends also did for us was to make the most beautiful farmyard mobile – made with a lot of love and patience and of course creative genius, and too beautiful for me not to blog on (even if I’m a few months late!)

Don’t you just love the animals sewn with a suede felt – all by hand. It truly is beautiful and our darling Layla just loves watching the animals when she’s being changed. A big thank you to our Craft Club girls. xx

ps – thanks Tracy (from Scrapkits) for the pics

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Great advice from a bear!

I saw this great post being tweeted this morning on Twitter which rang so true for me, and I’m sure it has relevance for most people in some aspect of your lives – goes something like this…

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You’ve got to go to them sometimes!” – Winnie the Pooh

Getting Started…

Right…. This has been a long day of trying to get going. Might have something to do with the cold weather, but in reality, it’s probably the fear of the next step that’s keeping me from jumping right in. Yes – I’m talking about our website The website is looking great and our developers have done an amazing job providing us with exactly what we’ve asked them for. The idea is a great one, I’m sure of it… So – why on earth have I still not started to get people on board?

I’ve a niggling feeling that it’s because I’m worried about failing – what happens if this doesn’t work – heavens girl, pull yourself towards yourself– you’ve got to try otherwise the only thing that is guaranteed is failure!

Then there is the overwhelming feeling of where to start – need to start getting people to the site, got to start blogging more frequently, got to get people to the blog, what about twitter, what about facebook.

The conclusion that I’ve come up with is that I need to take a deep breathe and just start one step at a time and not try and do everything at once. After reading this great article from Modish Blog I’ve been inspired to focus on regularly updating the blog as a start and of course to boldly and proudly invite listers to the site – it’s going to be a great service for those on board and I just have to remind myself this when the fear bunny starts jumping around in my head.

So… that’s my first regular Thursday blog, who knows, maybe there’ll be Tuesday or Saturday blog as well, just because I can, for now, do hang around. It’s going to be an exciting journey from here, with lots more updates on stuff to make, markets to visit, workshops to check out.. my options are endless.

Oh, and since I’ve also committed to inviting people to our website – feel free to have a peak, sign up as a lister or just tell your friends about us!