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Bottled Sunshine

I linked to this product recently on Facebook and had quite a bit of interest shown, so thought I’d blog on it and give you all a little more information on these amazing jars of ‘bottled sunshine’.

The official product description is goes along the lines of  “A Solar-powered light, a safe energy alternative, which is safely housed in a Consol Classic jar, which provides a practical and attractive  casing for the functional product”.

I prefer bottled sunshine, as that really is what it is… I just love these jars and the different ways you can use them. I took two of these jars with us on a recent, rather disastrous,  camping trip (you can read all about it on my other blog), and have to admit it might have been the one thing that I actually got right (we forgot the tent pegs, a few essential items like cutlery etc etc and it rained and poured for most of the weekend!), but needless to say…. we had light, and sometimes when you have light in a darkish situation, things tend to get a little better! They really were a bit of light, I mean life saver on the trip for me! Anyway, enough of our camping trip… it’s certainly not the only time we use the lights. In fact there’s nothing nicer at the end of a day, the little monkey asleep in her cot, and we can settle down to a drink outside with prettyness sparking out of our solar light jars – hanging from the verandah.

They’re available  at the Consol retail outlets in Woodmead (Gauteng) and  Stellenbosch; or for more information you can visit the Consol Website, or their Facebook page.

ps – they also make a great gift in my books and for R120 each you really can’t go wrong!

A handmade Valentine’s Day – make the love!

There’s just no getting away from the fact that this time next week it will be Valentine’s Day… The day with so many expectations, so much money thrown at red roses and chocolates, and so much pressure – pressure for singles, pressure for couples, old and new, yes, I get it, it can be romantic, and it’s good to be reminded each year that every (surely every) girl loves getting roses and being spoilt, but seriously, I’m just a little over the pressure to splash out and spend your hard earned money, spoiling your someone special with something made in China… Let’s put some real love back into Valentines day and make something for your special Valentine…. I’ve no doubt that it’ll score more brownie points and loving on the day :)

Here are some suggestions that I could find… there must be about a million more though with a little bit of imagination…

Imagine presenting a treat like this for your love…. YUM how delicious does this strawberry jelly cheesecake look. (Follow the link for the recipe)

I don’t have the recipe for this one, but I’m sure the foodies out there will do it justice! Such a cute idea from Amy Atlas’s blog

Myself personally, would fall head over heals in love with this ribbon heart… seriously – you can’t go wrong with beautiful ribbons now can you! You can find some more creative heart ideas over at A Creative Mint

And perhaps my favourite (followed closely by those yummy Jelly Cheesecake things above!) would be to create your own Valentine’s Day Date night box – beat the packed restuarants, filled with every couple gazing into each other’s eyes, but staying at home and making sure you’ve got all her favourite treats near by and cuddle up on the coach with your favourite romantic movie, or with a board game or pack of cards, some good music in the background and high fives, happy valentine’s day all around :)

And for those who are running out of time I’ll try and get a post up in the next day or so for handmade gifts that you can buy from one of the many creative Jamtin listers!


Christmas Gifts in Jar

I recently received a bunch of glass jars from Consol and they are truly beautiful to use for storage around our home. There are some in the kitchen, some in my office, one withbe jelly beans in (they don’t last long), some that are still empty cause I need to find things to store in them! With a few of these jars around at the moment I did think about using some to make some Christmas presents. What you think?

Love this gift idea for Cookies in a Jar. You can see the full post over at Make it Do, together with the free printables like the one on this jar, as well as a printables with the directions for baking.

And how about these labels for your mason jars that you give…  (Seen on Older and Wiser)

Or how about this cute sewing kit from The Paper Mama


Lister Love: Skaapie

“Skaapie is a small friendly creative company that makes pure wool homemade felt products using local and natural materials. Our specially handcrafted felt toys are made in Cape Town, South Africa by talented people who love bringing wool to life.”

That’s the ‘official’ introduction that Skaapie uses on their Jamtin Listing… I think they could also add something along the lines of : “Bringing joy and cuddles to both  children and adults with their deliciously beautiful range of felt toys and decor that are made with love, by wonderfully creative people, for wonderfully clever people who know the beauty of a handmade goodie”.

Take a look at some of their range and tell me you’d be crazy not to add at least one of these to your Christmas wish list…

(View details here)

Love these monkeys (handfelted with 100% merino wool of course)

(More details here)

And what about this felt bunting

More bunting and mobiles here

And…how about these stunning cushions

I could go on for quite a while longer, but why not pop over to Skaapie’s listing on Jamtin where you can see the variety of products they have on offer, as well as their contact details for placing your order ;)


Santa’s Shoebox

Not completely a handmade topic, but none the less, still be a really fun afternoon that can be spent filling and decorating a shoebox for a very very worthwhile project!

Kidz2Kidz’s Santa Shoebox Project is an inspiring community initiative that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children; while at the same time helping parents teach their own children about the joys of giving.

Participating is a profoundly valuable and personal experience as the donor knows the name, age and gender of the child that he/she chooses to donate to and the name of the organization that cares for the child.”

I can only ask that you pop over to the Santa Shoebox website, take a look around, read some of the information and decide for yourself if it’s a project worthwhile supporting. For our family, it’s an important part of celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

Fabric covered pots

I say it every year…. but seriously THIS year I am going to make a lot more of my Christmas presents for family. There I said it… Christmas.. I know, it’s only September, but I know how it works, before we know it, it’s like the 22nd December and we’re frantically scrambling for last minute presents. This year… I’m going to be organized… and going to make gorgeous, loved filled gifts (only for those family members of course who will appreciate handmade goodies!)

So…. for those of you with gardeners in the family – don’t you love this idea – fabric covered pots that you could fill with seeds, gardening gloves etc. The tutorial says not to use them outside, but I reckon perhaps on a verandah might be a happy compromise to grow some herbs in? (Says me who can’t keep a weed alive, ha ha, it just sounded nice believe that I could grow a herb garden on my verandah in such pretty pots though)

The tuturial can be found over at Christine Chitnis

Pop over to to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

Lister Love – YUMMI

Maybe it’s because I’m a new(ish) mom, or because I love handmade,  or probably mostly because their products are just so beautiful, that I’ve fallen in love with Yummi. Not only are their products stunning, but the story behind Yummi is also one that is inspiring! Sam, a mom to 3 years had the courage to leave the corporate world behind her to focus on starting her own business – not only to allow herself more time with her kids, but in the process, she also uses her business to uplift members of their community. So there – how could you not love Yummi – on so many levels.

Here are some of their products that are my favourite…

Crocheted Baby blanket

Stunning Baby Bunting

An entire linen range – this picture from their “Surf’s Up” range.

And as for how cute their mobiles are…

How cute are these crazy monster toys..

As well as these crochet rattle balls

All these, and a bunch more gorgeous products are available at

Pop over to to view a selection of more stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

Handmade gift: Apron in a jar

Ok, so either you could actually make an apron and put it in the jar or you could just use this idea (from pleasant home) for the gift wrapping for the next time you give someone an apron that you’ve brought of course. Oh well, either way, I think it’s a cute idea and always up for different ways to give a gift in!

Pop over to to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

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Cupcakes to go!

Such a cute idea… perhaps for a market day for kids, or just a sweet idea for something different for cupcakes… love the added touch of wrapping a spoon around the cups… You can see the full tutorial over at  Nothing But Country

Add some colour to your cutlery

I’m always a fan of colours, and just love these revamped pieces of cutlery from  More Design Please. There’s a tutorial on their website if you’re up for trawling some second hand shops for some cutlery sets that need some colour added to them to give them a new life :)