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Yellow makes the world go around

Yellow really is my most favourite colour… growing up we had a yellow front door, we even had a yellow car so I could blame my love for yellow totally on my dad.. The yellow front door was cool, the yellow car… not so… (especially when they picked me up at my private school!) Still, I’m happy now that I can totally love yellow, moving on here are some totally lovely yellow things to make or use when making…..

Ok, I only have this image, and no ‘how to’, but it was too pretty not to share… I think it’s yellow chocolate, hmmm, a pretzel dipped in white chocolate with yellow food colouring perhaps…

Yummy sorbet in lemon baskets with yellow washi flags!


Make your own necklace as pretty as this..


Yellow yellow yellow washi tape, available locally from Eye Candi

Pretty card from Lime Doodle, perfect for any occasion

Yippee for Yellow huh :) (Image from the beautiful Dassie)


Washi Tape – The good, the bad and the ugly

Well… let’s just clear that up, there is NOTHING bad and nothing ugly about Washi Tape, well – apart from it having the potential to take over every drawer and free space in my house… Ok, I exaggerate…If the truth be told,  I am yet to get even my first roll of Washi Tape, but that will change very very shortly – especially seeing this post from one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers, via some Twitter banter this afternoon.

For those of you who don’t know what Washi Tape is, well, pop over here to feast your eyes out, and at the same time, you’ll be able to order your own rolls from these local (South African) online stores with rolls and rolls of beautiful Washi Tape for sale – and

Guaranteed I know your next question will be… ‘what does one do with this pretty Washi Tape’… well, you can either pop over to Pinterest where they have heaps of links, or visit this post I saw this afternoon with 56 things to do with Washi Tape – I’ve selected 3 of my favourite to include below…

1) Transform your keyboard

 2. Decorate some wooden spoons

3. Decorate a boring table

All images taken from this post, which links to the original posts.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for making you need about 100 rolls of washi tape after reading this :)

DIY Christmas Trees

We’re putting up our Christmas tree today and I’m super excited! I do wish that I had thought a little more in advance though and actually done some of the ideas below….


Luckily – it’s not too late to do this one, all I need is some glue and wrapping paper… and a few other things, but sure I’ll have them in my trusty craft cupboard…


If I was going to my imaginary seaside holiday house this Christmas… I would so be putting a tree like this up… the wood of course would have been gathered from the many walks along the beach..aaagh, I can only dream!

I have a few friends (not me of course) who would have more than enough supplies to make a couple of these trees

And how about something like this

Anyone got enough books to do this?

And lastly – I love

Local handmade wedding inspiration

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a wedding, so you can imagine our excitement this last weekend as we celebrated a friends special day together… You know how wedding fever is just contagious and you can’t help feeling loved up and extra happy when celebrating a couple’s union… anyway… I’m getting distracted – what I’m trying to get at is that being at the wedding made me think what I would do again (hmmm, nothing really) BUT it’s still fun thinking of new ideas!

Here are some ideas for both decor items, wedding favours and gifts from our South African Handmade community that I think would be lovely for any wedding…

Decor is something that any bride can spend hours and hours planning for and dreaming of. (And if you’re a regular reader of Jamtin, you might very well be interested in doing a lot of the decor yourself, aka DIY style. I can only imagine what it’s like having Pinterest available to a bride now – the endless supplies of ideas and inspiration would keep me busy for days/weeks/months :) . I see so many weddings using glass containers for their decor, either for lights, or for gifts or to put their flower arrangements in. If you’re thinking along these lines, don’t forgot to pop into the Consol shop for their amazing product range.

For beautiful handmade decor you should also check out Little Mud Hut

And then there is the Bride and Groom to think of – I just love these custom made cufflinks by

And this stunning bespoke bouquet made with what must have been loads of love and time, by Cupcake Couture

Also from Cupcake Couture is this stunning corsage

Next up we look at wedding favours – I remember trawling the internet looking for the perfect gifts for our wedding guests a few years ago. I think that either these pegs from Little Mud Hut Designs would be so lovely,

as well as the variety of wedding favours that the ladies at Heartfelt offer.

Food is always right up there with weddings, especially the cake! I see more and more couples moving from a traditional wedding cake to using cupcakes to build their cake – I do love this idea! Get in touch with Cupcake Heaven in Joburg to see how they can help.

That’s our wedding round up for now… we hope we leave with you some exciting inspiration and of course contacts to get in touch with if you are planning a wedding, or know of a bride to be. If however, you’re still looking for more –  pop over to Everything Etsy where they have 101 handmade wedding ideas, plus the tutorials which should keep you more than busy…

Twenty Nine Ways to stay Creative

Love this poster from Reverie – please pop over to their site for beautiful inspiration

DIY Necklaces

I don’t wear much jewellery but I have to say that the two DIY tutorials below for necklaces did catch my eye, and thought I’d share them with you. Would love to hear back from any of you if you make one of these for yourself…

Firstly, there’s this tutorial from A Girl Who Makes, using wooden beads…

And this tutorial from Delighted Momma using polymer clay…

And for those of you have kids, and want a super cool craft to do with them this weekend… one of my very favourite blogs for all things crafty and kiddy is Curly Birds, and the super talented Helen recently posted this tutorial over at The Twinery

Pinterest Love – how to get started.

It being the week of Love and all, I decided that this would be a perfect time to blog about Pinterest. For those of you that know what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll agree that this might be one of the greatest things in Social Media since sliced bread. Pinterest is basically an online pin board where you can pin images from all over the Internet for your own inspiration and also to share with other pinners… Trust me on this one, if you have one millimeter of creativity in you you’ll want to check out Pinterest. (The site registered 7 million unique visitors in December 2011).

How to get started.

1) To get an account on Pinterest you need an invite. You can either do this via the site (and they should get back to you in a day or so) or you can email me and I’ll be more than happy to send you an invite.

2) Once you’ve got your account you’re ready to start pinning (make sure your username is as close to any of your other Social Media names to make it easy for people to find you) – our username is simply ‘jamtin’

3) In the simple steps that you’re given when opening your account, you’re given the option to add a ‘Pin It’ button to your tool bar – this is an important step and will allow you to ‘pin’ any images you come across while surfing the net and allows you to pin the image to one of your pinboards (and most importantly saves the link to the original site you’ve pinned from to enable you to revisit the original page just by clicking through the image on your pinboard).

4) Next you should create various ‘boards’ for ways to categorize your pins – ie, ‘handmade tutorials‘, ‘home inspiration‘, and ‘handmade gift ideas‘ to name a few of mine.  People who follow you can either follow you in your entirety or they may choose just to follow some of your individual boards, depending where their interests lie.

5) Now the fun starts – start finding people already on Pinterest to follow – this can range from friends that are already here (you can do a search via your Twitter or Facebook account), to also your favourite creatives – so many of your favourite bloggers will already be on Pinterest, and probably have a ‘follow me on Pinterest’ link on their blog or website. Alternatively, you can just browse the site and you’ll soon find people who have the same taste as you and you can follow their boards as you go. (and you’ll find people follow you back when they see and like what you are pinning. With all Social Media tools, the more social you are, the more followers you’ll have, and that’s just good for business!)

6) You can also like and comment on pins or boards – and as I was saying – since Pinterest is a Social Media tool, it’s always important to be social for it to be effective. Everyone likes to get a comment now and then :)

You may be asking why I’m telling you all about this – well, it’s two fold really. First, knowing that most of the readers here are super duper talented and creative people, I just know that you’ll find truck loads of inspiration, but Pinterest is also fast becoming a really important Social Media tool for businesses that you really shouldn’t ignore. Think of it as a “visual- word of mouth- viral” tool which shares images and products from your site. ie – it takes one person to pin an image from your site for literally 100’s or 1000’s of people to start repinning the image – all directing visitors back to your site (depending on the popularity of the image, or article, and also how many followers you have)…. think about it…

For a really great article that any creative from a small business should read, here’s the link to : “How Pinterest is Becoming the Next Big Thing in Social Media for Business” from the Entrepreneur.

Please shout if you have any questions on Pinterest. I’m still learning, but have been using it for a couple of months now on another account and just love what it’s done for my inspiration as well as the traffic that it’s driving to my site)

ps – here’s what one of my boards looks like…



A handmade Valentine’s Day – make the love!

There’s just no getting away from the fact that this time next week it will be Valentine’s Day… The day with so many expectations, so much money thrown at red roses and chocolates, and so much pressure – pressure for singles, pressure for couples, old and new, yes, I get it, it can be romantic, and it’s good to be reminded each year that every (surely every) girl loves getting roses and being spoilt, but seriously, I’m just a little over the pressure to splash out and spend your hard earned money, spoiling your someone special with something made in China… Let’s put some real love back into Valentines day and make something for your special Valentine…. I’ve no doubt that it’ll score more brownie points and loving on the day :)

Here are some suggestions that I could find… there must be about a million more though with a little bit of imagination…

Imagine presenting a treat like this for your love…. YUM how delicious does this strawberry jelly cheesecake look. (Follow the link for the recipe)

I don’t have the recipe for this one, but I’m sure the foodies out there will do it justice! Such a cute idea from Amy Atlas’s blog

Myself personally, would fall head over heals in love with this ribbon heart… seriously – you can’t go wrong with beautiful ribbons now can you! You can find some more creative heart ideas over at A Creative Mint

And perhaps my favourite (followed closely by those yummy Jelly Cheesecake things above!) would be to create your own Valentine’s Day Date night box – beat the packed restuarants, filled with every couple gazing into each other’s eyes, but staying at home and making sure you’ve got all her favourite treats near by and cuddle up on the coach with your favourite romantic movie, or with a board game or pack of cards, some good music in the background and high fives, happy valentine’s day all around :)

And for those who are running out of time I’ll try and get a post up in the next day or so for handmade gifts that you can buy from one of the many creative Jamtin listers!


DIY Handmade Napkin


I have no doubt that there will be plenty of entertaining in the upcoming month as we lead up to Christmas, and I’m sure many of you are looking for different ways to decorate. How’s this for a beautiful place setting, and the best part is that the napkins have been handmade using a stencil and fabric paint. You can check the original post out here for more details.

Happy entertaining!

Hosting a Craft Party

A few of us friends get together every couple of months on a Saturday for a crafting day… Babies and kids are left behind with the Dads, craft bags are packed with scissors, double sided tape, glue guns and any other crafting accessories we need. Cupcakes are made, we’ve even had home made lemonade and biscuits brought as sustenance for the day, and it’s a full day spent chatting, creating and gathering inspiration from each other. Seriously, I’m such the novice amongst the group of creative ladies I’ve been clever enough to surround myself with – that’s my talent I bring to the group – choosing the right people to hang out with!

Now how cool is this invite for our next craft day!!!


(Image and idea from Lefrufru Blog)

And then I could use these craft party printables from Etsy, as seen on  Green Lily Designs

And anyone looking for some tips on how to host a craft part here are some from Living the Swell Life.. (Don’t be intimated by this list – this would be a uber uber craft party). In my opinion all you really need is a group of like minded crafting chicks, whatever you each want to bring from your craft cupboards, some inspiration from each other, some basic food & drinks and that should be more than enough for an amazing day that you’ll wish you did more often (hint hint to our craft club, it’s been a while!)

I’d love to know more about craft days that you host or attend?