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Kamersvol Geskenke

I first heard about Kamersvol Geskenke probably 2 years ago now and have been in awe of the event from the first moment I lay my eyes on their website… So many talented and creative people, all selling handmade products; in a setting that is just too beautiful, with an attention to detail second to none.

The day finally arrived – bidding farewell to children and husbands, we  left our homes for Durban airport at 4.30am on Tuesday morning… (a 4am wake up for me should be some indication of my extreme excitement for our ‘Kamers Tour’). I’ll jump to the important stuff… we arrived at Lourensford Wine Estate bright eyed and bushy tailed, 9am sharp on Wednesday morning, not quite sure what to expect, but all three of us bursting with nervous excitement – we just knew what we were about to experience was going to be special – I’m happy to report that the reality of it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Our day was spent wandering through the tents, looking, touching, chatting to the stall owners, and of course buying!!! Leisurely cups of coffee in the tent, listening to toe tapping live music, adding to the ambiance of the occasion. Lunch with the backdrop of the mountains in the distance and then the attention to detail of the actual event. Bunting marking off the parking to welcome you, actually, bunting everywhere, ribbon strung from the roof of the tent, vendor caravans, roses, food stalls, oh, the list could go on. I can’t do it justice trying to explain our experience – it was exactly that – just the most amazing experience that I shall savour for a long long while… perhaps until Kamers 2012!

It brings such excitement to my heart to see such beautiful handmade products, such creativity, such beauty and the best part of it all – all handmade in our beautiful country.

Anyone in Cape Town or the surrounds would be crazy not to visit tomorrow (Saturday 29th October is the last day).

The good news for any Joburg and Pretoria people is that Kamersvol will be in Irene, at the The Open Window School of Visual Communication. 29th Nov – 3rd December 2011

Please visit the Kamersvol Geskenke website for more details.

Photos all from the Kamersvol Facebook page

Loving Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint could possibly be one of the most underrated product for some DIY fun I reckon!

So… to start off with, I found this ‘recipe’ from The CSI Project to make your own chalk board paint – the great thing is that by doing so you can create chalk board paint in any colour…. (I haven’t tried this yet but am hoping it works as well as it looks!)

And once you’ve made your paint (or brought some of the standard stuff from the store), you could do something like this at your entrance hall…. imagine being able to create a personalised  welcome to your family or visitors when ever you wanted to create one! This inspiration comes from The Four McGarveys

And here’s some more inspiration from Chic Cheap Nursery


Have you seen those cool glass jars with the chalk board labels on them where you can write on what ever is in the jar (like the one in the picture above).. uber trendy at the moment I think…. I’ve even labelled the pasta in my kitchen with them… you know… it’s important to label such things in case you get confused :)

But… don’t you think this idea is such a great one to make your own chalk board labels – all you need is some plain white label stickers, chalk board paint and there you go -your very own labels…

You can see how it’s done at A Little Learning for Two

Lister Love – YUMMI

Maybe it’s because I’m a new(ish) mom, or because I love handmade,  or probably mostly because their products are just so beautiful, that I’ve fallen in love with Yummi. Not only are their products stunning, but the story behind Yummi is also one that is inspiring! Sam, a mom to 3 years had the courage to leave the corporate world behind her to focus on starting her own business – not only to allow herself more time with her kids, but in the process, she also uses her business to uplift members of their community. So there – how could you not love Yummi – on so many levels.

Here are some of their products that are my favourite…

Crocheted Baby blanket

Stunning Baby Bunting

An entire linen range – this picture from their “Surf’s Up” range.

And as for how cute their mobiles are…

How cute are these crazy monster toys..

As well as these crochet rattle balls

All these, and a bunch more gorgeous products are available at

Pop over to to view a selection of more stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

Handmade gift: Apron in a jar

Ok, so either you could actually make an apron and put it in the jar or you could just use this idea (from pleasant home) for the gift wrapping for the next time you give someone an apron that you’ve brought of course. Oh well, either way, I think it’s a cute idea and always up for different ways to give a gift in!

Pop over to to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

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Scrabble Fridge Magnets

When ever there is a fridge with alphabet magnets on it I find it difficult not to try and quickly put a word together… not sure if that’s just me!! I’m thinking these scrabble magnets (tutorial available here from Oh Crafts)  might be a great project for the top half of our fridge and keeping the bright plastic alphabet magnets for the bottom half :)

Pop over to to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself

33 ways to get creative

We’ve all been there – a little under the ‘creative’ weather – Lucky for me, I’m not there at the moment, but I did love this list I found on the Roar Events blog – I’ve selected a few of my best pieces of advice from the list of 33 – you can see the full list here…

1. make lists

2. carry a notebook everywhere

4. get away from the computer (And the smart phone!)

6. quit beating yourself up (ie… drop the guilt?)

7. take breaks

8. sing in the shower (hmm, good luck husband)

9. drink coffee/tea (No problem here!)

13. surround yourself with creative people (If I say so myself, sometimes I think I’m a genius at this.. I really do have some very creative and special friends who certainly get the creative juices flowing – whether it’s a conversation over coffee or a morning crafting together!)

19. go somewhere new

21. count your blessings

22. get lots of rest (even with a little one that’s got teeth coming out?)

23. take risks

24. break the rules

25. do more of what makes you happy

29. stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

30. got an idea? write it down

31. clean your workspace (hmmm, I NEED to do this)

32. have fun

33. finish (so difficult, but true – too easy to jump from one project to the next)

Pop over to to view a selection of stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself