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Wow – welcome to the Jamtin blog! It’s been an exciting month to say the very least, with a house & city move, a wedding to plan and of course the launch, or preparation of the launch for!

We can tick off a successful move – nothing broken, 2kg lost from stress and most importantly a beautiful new home with a garden and very grown up double garage! The monkeys that come with the garden aren’t that beautiful but we’re getting used to them and my target practice with my water pistol is improving! The wedding planning is going ahead with invitations to still make, however dress is sorted, DJ hired, food almost sorted, hmm surely there can’t be that much more to arrange!

Which brings us to JAMTIN!

What started off as an idea over a glass (ok maybe 2 as we all know that there really isn’t such a thing as just one glass) of wine with some girlfriends, and which has taken shape over many months of planning, dreaming, procrastinating, getting scared, getting excited, more dreaming and quite a few hours spent researching is now almost a reality.

For anyone who has stumbled across this blog without going through the website, in a nutshell, Jamtin is your one stop resource for all things handmade in South Africa! Through our directory you can get in touch with shop owners, suppliers and craft enthusiasts, learn about the latest craft classes and workshops in your area, showcase your own unique handmade creations and get some inspiration for new projects!

This blog is going to be a space for me to share what’s going on behind the scenes at Jamtin, a space for anyone to provide us with feedback or to contribute, and most importantly – one that we hope you’ll enjoy visiting!