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Paint dipping and making things extra pretty

So paint dipping seems to be quite the trend at the moment, if Pinterest  and my clever friend, Vee, are anything to go on :) Thought I’d share some of the projects that I’ve seen – we’re moving house soon, so no new projects on my horizon unless you call it packing. I can’t wait though to get stuck into a few of these though for my new home! (Follow the links from each image for the tutorials…)


(Image from Copy Cat Chic)

So much of pretty from Dash recipes

With Autumn fast on it’s way… this made me smile and remind myself that we shall get spring again… :) Tutorial and free printables from I heart naptime

Love the colours here from Designtejen

Great use of baby food jars from Oh Happy Day


My kind of tea set :)

(Image and tutorial over at Shop Sweet Things)

And why stop at the tea set, when you can do your wooden spoons as well...

Or your furniture

Sorry, image overload, but can’t help but sharing so much of prettyness

(Image from Joys Hope and the post is appropriately named ‘Ode to Spray Paint’

Yellow makes the world go around

Yellow really is my most favourite colour… growing up we had a yellow front door, we even had a yellow car so I could blame my love for yellow totally on my dad.. The yellow front door was cool, the yellow car… not so… (especially when they picked me up at my private school!) Still, I’m happy now that I can totally love yellow, moving on here are some totally lovely yellow things to make or use when making…..

Ok, I only have this image, and no ‘how to’, but it was too pretty not to share… I think it’s yellow chocolate, hmmm, a pretzel dipped in white chocolate with yellow food colouring perhaps…

Yummy sorbet in lemon baskets with yellow washi flags!


Make your own necklace as pretty as this..


Yellow yellow yellow washi tape, available locally from Eye Candi

Pretty card from Lime Doodle, perfect for any occasion

Yippee for Yellow huh :) (Image from the beautiful Dassie)


Washi Tape – The good, the bad and the ugly

Well… let’s just clear that up, there is NOTHING bad and nothing ugly about Washi Tape, well – apart from it having the potential to take over every drawer and free space in my house… Ok, I exaggerate…If the truth be told,  I am yet to get even my first roll of Washi Tape, but that will change very very shortly – especially seeing this post from one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers, via some Twitter banter this afternoon.

For those of you who don’t know what Washi Tape is, well, pop over here to feast your eyes out, and at the same time, you’ll be able to order your own rolls from these local (South African) online stores with rolls and rolls of beautiful Washi Tape for sale – and

Guaranteed I know your next question will be… ‘what does one do with this pretty Washi Tape’… well, you can either pop over to Pinterest where they have heaps of links, or visit this post I saw this afternoon with 56 things to do with Washi Tape – I’ve selected 3 of my favourite to include below…

1) Transform your keyboard

 2. Decorate some wooden spoons

3. Decorate a boring table

All images taken from this post, which links to the original posts.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for making you need about 100 rolls of washi tape after reading this :)

DIY Christmas Trees

We’re putting up our Christmas tree today and I’m super excited! I do wish that I had thought a little more in advance though and actually done some of the ideas below….


Luckily – it’s not too late to do this one, all I need is some glue and wrapping paper… and a few other things, but sure I’ll have them in my trusty craft cupboard…


If I was going to my imaginary seaside holiday house this Christmas… I would so be putting a tree like this up… the wood of course would have been gathered from the many walks along the beach..aaagh, I can only dream!

I have a few friends (not me of course) who would have more than enough supplies to make a couple of these trees

And how about something like this

Anyone got enough books to do this?

And lastly – I love

Button Bookmarks

So simple, but so cute… Pop over to I heart nap time for the tutorial on how to make these sweet button bookmarks. Easy enough to make with your kiddies even!

DIY Necklaces

I don’t wear much jewellery but I have to say that the two DIY tutorials below for necklaces did catch my eye, and thought I’d share them with you. Would love to hear back from any of you if you make one of these for yourself…

Firstly, there’s this tutorial from A Girl Who Makes, using wooden beads…

And this tutorial from Delighted Momma using polymer clay…

And for those of you have kids, and want a super cool craft to do with them this weekend… one of my very favourite blogs for all things crafty and kiddy is Curly Birds, and the super talented Helen recently posted this tutorial over at The Twinery

Some ideas on using tea cups for you…

I’m not sure when my love for tea started, it was always something I kind of associated with my mom drinking! hmm, maybe it’s just times a changing, because in all honesty I’ve been a massive tea fan for years and years now… I can’t pretend I’m too adventurous with my teas, in fact I’m a Five Roses fan through and through, but still! One element of tea drinking that I wish I would get more into is using a teapot and pretty tea cups, instead of making a massive mug of tea 5 times a day. There is something classy and elegant about tea cups and pots, but one that I’m still to grow in to!

Apart from drinking tea out of them, don’t you love some of these ideas for using beautiful tea cups…

Like using tea cups for a cupcake stand – you can view this tutorial from Flamingo Toes 


(Image from Snowy Bliss)

Or how lovely are these tea cups for succulents from More Design Please

Or how lovely having a bath surrounded by these (and perhaps one filled with real tea). You can find the tutorial over at Hey Gorgeous





Or how about these tea cup lights, seen on Apartment Therapy


Making Personalised Notepads

One day I’m actually going to win the lottery and then I’ll be able to wake up in the morning and craft away, all day, every day… Here’s one of those projects that I’m hoping won’t have to wait until the day I win the lottery…

The original post (and details on how they make them) is from Oh My Handmade Goodness. It looks pretty straight forward believe it or not, and what a cute little crafting project.

Such cute ideas for gifts for friends, grannies, hmmm anyone… could be a good project for the kids – photocopy or scan one of their drawings to use as the image on your note pad.. I like that idea, even though ours would just be a scribble at the moment.

DIY Handmade Napkin


I have no doubt that there will be plenty of entertaining in the upcoming month as we lead up to Christmas, and I’m sure many of you are looking for different ways to decorate. How’s this for a beautiful place setting, and the best part is that the napkins have been handmade using a stencil and fabric paint. You can check the original post out here for more details.

Happy entertaining!

Christmas Gifts in Jar

I recently received a bunch of glass jars from Consol and they are truly beautiful to use for storage around our home. There are some in the kitchen, some in my office, one withbe jelly beans in (they don’t last long), some that are still empty cause I need to find things to store in them! With a few of these jars around at the moment I did think about using some to make some Christmas presents. What you think?

Love this gift idea for Cookies in a Jar. You can see the full post over at Make it Do, together with the free printables like the one on this jar, as well as a printables with the directions for baking.

And how about these labels for your mason jars that you give…  (Seen on Older and Wiser)

Or how about this cute sewing kit from The Paper Mama