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Tutorial – CD Cookies

Thanks to Debbie at who put this tutorial together for us (a while ago and I’ve just realized it’s been in my draft folder! I blame pregnancy and new baby for my lack of brain recently)

CD cookies are a fun and inexpensive way to create crafty party or wedding favours, kid’s birthday treats, baker’s day treats and valentine gifts!

Step 1

1) I have purchased plain white CD wallets from a stationery store and cut coloured scrap paper to fit inside. If you want to leave the wallet plain, add some wax paper so that the biscuit does not leave any grease marks.

2) I have cheated and filled my CD wallets with Woolworth’s large “Snaps” which are R19.95 for 12 cookies. Leave plain, drizzle melted chocolate over and scatter with 100 000’s or bake your own chocolate chip or shaped cookies. Seal the wallet at the back with double sided scrap tape, or a sticker.

Step 2 - Chocolate drizzle and flower labels

Download all the templates (the flower labels, wedding thank you and “enjoy”) from (go to FUN).

Print out on glossy photo paper. Remember to change your printing settings: Go to printing properties and change the paper to glossy or pro photo paper and put the print quality on to HIGH. This will ensure your labels come out beautifully bold and bright. Cut them out with a cutting blade and ruler or on a guillotine.

There is no need to print out the entire sheet of labels. Open the template, click on the snap shot tool (it’s a camera), outline the label you would like to use, and paste it to a word document. You can then re-size as well.

Attach the labels with double sided scrap tape, tie with ribbons and gift!

Check out these beautiful examples -

handmade thank you gift

Wedding favours

I’m in love

Pic from Attic24

Pic from Attic24

I’ve been searching the web trying to learn how to crochet, and came across the Attic24 website. Wow – this really is a treasure chest, with just the most amazing pictures of Lucy’s creations. The bright and bold colours she uses are just brilliant and makes me want to become a full time crocheter! I’ve tried last night, and it’s not as easy as it looks, but I’m going to get it right – I need to get it right.

Luckily, the Attic24 site also has tutorials written by Lucy herself, with great pics and video links.

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