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Happy Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for hearts – look no further!

The Heartfelt Project has got to be one of my favourite stories of people coming together to make a difference in such a beautiful way. I truly believe each one of their hearts are made with so much love, by a group of very special ladies.

January newsletter

Wow – can you believe that it’s almost February! I hope that your 2010 has gotten off to a great start and those New Year’s resolutions are still standing! Just to make you all feel better – mine was to update the Jamtin blog weekly and send out newsletters fortnightly… Ummm, no comment, let’s just say I’m a work in progress.

Please take note of our competition we’re running – by either becoming a fan of ours on facebook, tweeting a message on Twitter or forwarding this email to 5 friends and cc’ing myself ( in, you stand a chance to win R530 worth of scrapbooking kit, donated very generously by Shoestring Scrapbooking – more details on the blog. The draw will take place next Wednesday, 3rd February, so you won’t have to wait for long at all to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to some of our new listers to Jamtin.

New Listers

Heartfelt Mamma4Earth Love project gift shop
Mielie The Crazy Aunt Company Mismatch Jewellery
LivingLife Skaapie Greatheart Gifts

MisMatch Jewellery (Jewellery)  Beautiful Jewellery, KZN

Cotton Tale Fabrics (Sewing  Embroidery) Quilting and fabric supplies, KZN

The Scrap Studio (Scrapbooking) Scrapbooking supplies and classes, Cape Town

Love Project gift shop (Handmade) Gifts, community project, Cape Town

Lezanne’s Designs (Handmade) Wedding stationary and Gift Cards, Cape Town

Skaapie – (Handmade) Handmade felt products, Cape Town

Mielie (Handmade) – Handbags, bags, Cape Tow

Greatheart Gifts (Handmade) Gifts, aprons, furniture, baby clothes, Johannesburg

Sew What (Sewing & Embroidery) – Sewing supplies and classes, Johannesburg

Faith Designs (Kids) – Handcrafted mobiles, Johannesburg

DIY Divas (DIY) – Various workshops – power tools, beginners & advanced, furniture making, National

Heartfelt (Handmade) Brooches,  Keyrings, bookmarks, corporate gifts, magnets, Online

LivingLife (Handmade) Childrens decor and gifts , cushions, memory boxes, toys, gift boxes, Online

The Crazy Aunt Company – (KIDS) Funky & cute baby grows and t-shirts. Online

Mamma4Earth (KIDS) wonderful knitted treasures consisting of Waldorf inspired knitted farm animals, gnomes and toys. Online

Happy making,


Ps – we’re updating our facebook fan page and twitter daily with news on new products, listers and classes.  Why not follow us! – for all things handmade

Call: 072 859 0412
Twitter: @jamtincoza

How to Tweet on Twitter

So what’s Twitter all about you may ask – it’s all very well us asking you to follow Jamtin on Twitter, but if you’re not tweeting, it’s not really going to be to anyone’s benefit, so here is my uber basic view on the subject!

For us it’s been a great tool – one that has allowed us to follow people who are specifically interested in the handmade revolution, South Africans, and general Tweeters who we just find interesting or funny. It’s been a great way to share some of our listings and finds with the community we find ourselves in as well. I don’t believe it will replace Facebook, I don’t believe it’s a stand alone tool, but rather just one more blue bird feather in the cap, so to speak, in the social networking world that we find ourselves more and more drawn to – both out of necessity to connect with our ever expanding community and also because it’s slightly additictive once you’ve got going!

For a more eloquently blog of what Twitter is all about, this blog post titled “You are what you tweet – the Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Tweeting” comes from Helios Design (the wonderful guys who built Jamtin) and gives a great overview for those wanting to know more about Twitter and how to get started.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us when you’re up and running on Twitter!

Upcoming Gift Fairs in Cape Town

If anyone would like to fly me up to Cape Town for either of these two markets, please be advised that I will be more than happy and will even waiver my costs… Just the air ticket and accomodation, oh and some pocket money, would be required ;)

28 Oct - 1 Nov

28 Oct - 1 Nov

The big Swazi wedding…

Our great friends Dave and Curly got married this weekend in Swaziland – woooohoooo… Their wedding was just perfect and 100% them, which in my mind is what makes weddings so special. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be posting enough wedding stuff on this ‘not wedding’ blog site, so I won’t spend too much time on the finer details, but I did want to post a picture of the gifts that all the ladies at the wedding got..

I haven’t confirmed this with Curly, but being the creative gal that she is I’m convinced that these were all handmade by herself and her crafting bridesmaids. In fact…. the day that me and my man moved out of Joburg Curly had called an urgent Jam Tin craft meeting (see earlier blog when we started this at the end of last year) for all things wedding related, and I was so bleak that I couldn’t join the girls for some wine and crafting – I did love the suprise waiting for me at the wedding with the gift though.

Now all I have to do is get started on some of my own hand made things for my wedding.