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Button Bookmarks

So simple, but so cute… Pop over to I heart nap time for the tutorial on how to make these sweet button bookmarks. Easy enough to make with your kiddies even!

Some ideas on using tea cups for you…

I’m not sure when my love for tea started, it was always something I kind of associated with my mom drinking! hmm, maybe it’s just times a changing, because in all honesty I’ve been a massive tea fan for years and years now… I can’t pretend I’m too adventurous with my teas, in fact I’m a Five Roses fan through and through, but still! One element of tea drinking that I wish I would get more into is using a teapot and pretty tea cups, instead of making a massive mug of tea 5 times a day. There is something classy and elegant about tea cups and pots, but one that I’m still to grow in to!

Apart from drinking tea out of them, don’t you love some of these ideas for using beautiful tea cups…

Like using tea cups for a cupcake stand – you can view this tutorial from Flamingo Toes 


(Image from Snowy Bliss)

Or how lovely are these tea cups for succulents from More Design Please

Or how lovely having a bath surrounded by these (and perhaps one filled with real tea). You can find the tutorial over at Hey Gorgeous





Or how about these tea cup lights, seen on Apartment Therapy