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Yellow makes the world go around

Yellow really is my most favourite colour… growing up we had a yellow front door, we even had a yellow car so I could blame my love for yellow totally on my dad.. The yellow front door was cool, the yellow car… not so… (especially when they picked me up at my private school!) Still, I’m happy now that I can totally love yellow, moving on here are some totally lovely yellow things to make or use when making…..

Ok, I only have this image, and no ‘how to’, but it was too pretty not to share… I think it’s yellow chocolate, hmmm, a pretzel dipped in white chocolate with yellow food colouring perhaps…

Yummy sorbet in lemon baskets with yellow washi flags!


Make your own necklace as pretty as this..


Yellow yellow yellow washi tape, available locally from Eye Candi

Pretty card from Lime Doodle, perfect for any occasion

Yippee for Yellow huh :) (Image from the beautiful Dassie)


Sales Success: Taking good product photographs

I’m a firm believer that the quality of your product photos will have a really big, yes, let’s call it… massive impact on your online sales, and let’s face it, that is what we are striving for. It’s really a no-brainer. Anyone buying online cannot touch, pick up and turn around, or feel the product (you get where I’m going with this) and so the photographs IS largely what sells your products.

A good photo SELLS and makes you stand out… end of story, and we can all live happily ever after.

The guys from ETSY, although not Jamtin ;) probably know what they are talking about… here’s a great video giving some fantastic, practical tips for beginners – no fancy pants camera needed, just your average digital camera, and most of us have these on our phones, so no excuses!

I’d love to hear any further photography hints and tips – please share in the comments below.

Yours in handmade xxx

Moskito Kids – Unique Handmade South African Kids’ Tableware Sets

The moment I saw Moskito Kids’s Facebook page, I knew I had to share both the product and the story behind the business with the Jamtin community, as I’m sure you’ll agree that they are too gorgeous not to share.  I just love being able to bring such lovely, homegrown and local products to your inboxes and computer screens and hope you’ll bring some of these tableware sets into your homes. Enjoy hearing what Lynette and Diana have to share about their business below, and feast your eyes out on their gorgeous kids tableware.

A bit about Lynette:

I grew up as a child with creativity in the family (from designers to authors). I decided to make art my career and have been involved with some form of art ever since. I am a Graphic Designer by trade, sporadically doing paintings/sketches on commission. My other significant attributes would include Mom to a beautiful blue-eyed boy, Wife to an amazing man and avid Tree Hugger.

Recently inspired by a renewed sense to develop my true passion, I cut down on the hours spent in the corporate world and started pursuing the more hands-on nature of the Fine Arts. My love for nature, children and all things artsy inspire my topics and I am fascinated with detail. Being a perfectionist, I believe the greatest masterpieces can be produced by simply attempting to copy the perfection of what God has already created. I hope my work communicates the infinite beauty our creator has given us to enjoy and thereby inspire people to look after our most precious resources, our children and our earth.

A bit about Diana:

I’m a Mother of 3, soon to be 4! I grew up in a large close-knit family and I’m one of five siblings. I loved being amongst the chaos and all the love that we shared. Life was never boring and I think the best gift I can give my children is their siblings. My family takes the centre stage in my life and I believe in making each day count. Children are a precious gift and as parents, we should not take anything for granted. It’s always been a dream of mine to run my own business and when the opportunity came along, I grabbed it with both hands. I studied DTP and Multimedia. My career includes Web Designer, Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Account Manager. I’ve always wanted to marry my creativity with my organisational skills and Moskito Kids allows me to do this.

Moskito Kids:

Moskito Kids’: The name was inspired by the quote “Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.” (Christie Todd Whitman). It is based on the concept of small things making a big impact and aims to encourage children, to believe in themselves and make a difference. It also symbolizes the brand’s outlook, that every small effort towards sustainable living has an impact.

The inspiration behind Moskito Kids’ products started when as a new mom, Lynette was suddenly invited to dozens of children’s parties. Being an artist, a tree-hugger and having to buy gifts for a whole new genre, she would not settle for the normal sock-or-tie-type gifts. Lynette started exploring the childen’s market for unique products that would delight little ones and get the approving nod from parents.

If you ask any mom to open their child’s cupboard, you would most likely encounter an avalanche of plastic or mass-produced items from China. Due to local supplier efforts being depressed by cheaper, faster and mass-produced goods from the Chinese market, one is hard strung to find proudly South African children’s products. We soon realised that this was something we were quite passionate about.

We started developing our first range, a children’s tableware set. When researching our competition (from China) we found that most sets are made of toxin-rich materials like plastic or melamine and typically, they feature the latest animated fad. It has no regard for nature and lacks a unique artistic touch. Some products found in stores are cost effective and aesthetically pleasing but in most cases, the tableware sets are not functional or durable for use by the intended market, children.

We have used our research and experience in the market as Moms to create a bespoke children’s product. By addressing the concerns of both the parents and children, it is visually pleasing and empowering for the child and safe and easy for Mothers. It is a unique product that is made locally from quality, non-toxic material and it’s also functional, durable and eco-friendly.

With sustainability in mind, the product adds to the much-needed initiatives of supporting local suppliers. We have a passion for our country and its people. We believe that creating local and sustainable products will assist in developing our country and uncover the beauty our people have to offer.

Contact Information:

Website: www.moskitokids.co.za
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moskitokids
Email: lynette@moskitokids.co.za or diana@moskitokids.co.za
Phone: Diana – 082 451 0919

Business advice for fellow handmade businesses:

If you’re passionate about something, follow through with it. It’s not easy but if you believe in it and you work hard, you will start to reap the rewards. Don’t give up! Stay true to yourself and don’t budge on what you feel passionate about. Handmade art is part of our culture and the legacy we leave for our children. We have to cultivate individuality. Leaving the next generation with bland, mass-produced junk will produce mindless followers and not future leaders.

I Heart Market

If you follow Jamtin on Facebook, or Twitter, you might have seen us mentioning the I Heart Market once or twice before. Now I might be a bit biased on this market because I do of course know that there are many beautiful handmade markets scattered around the country, this is ‘my’ handmade market – the one I get to go to when ever I’m in town on the first Saturday of the month and so yes of course I feel a little bias towards it, especially when I’ve spend so much time oohing and aahing so many of the goods that are available.

Some of my favourites from the Market include (but by no means are limited to!)

Genevieve Motley – how stunning are these cuff links


And these brooches from her as well…

(And while we’re on Gen Motley, if you’re a mom, or going to be a mom, you might just love reading her series on “Raising Creatively” over here)

Beautiful art and design by Jen-Jen

Next up us Yummi – how much of cuteness is Ethan the Ellie? You should check out their website for their full  range of handmade toys.

More Yumminess from Yummi with their Decor Range.

And then you have to pop over to Olivia Villet to let your eyes slowly absorb her beautiful stationary, gift cards, wrapping paper amongst others…

Wrapping Paper (R10 a sheet)

Sticker sheet – R18 a sheet

Next up is The Little Mud Hut who makes a delicious array of amazing goodies, ranging from stamped pegs, gift wrapping, bunting, fridge magnets – seriously – just a whole lot of awesome made here.



I don’t wear much jewellery, but I do really love the jewellery from Starbright Girl

Ok peeps, I have to close off this post now, as it’s taking me so long getting distracted at every blog I visit…

All I can say is that this is just the tip of the I Heart Market iceberg… there are three markets coming up especially for Christmas on the 3rd, 10th and 17th December, at the Moses Madhida Stadium (Durban).

And remember

ps – I apologise to the lovely stall holders at the I Heart Market for not often saying hello as Jamtin… flip, the truth be told is that I’m just such a shy thing. I know, pathetic, but true!


Christmas Gifts in Jar

I recently received a bunch of glass jars from Consol and they are truly beautiful to use for storage around our home. There are some in the kitchen, some in my office, one withbe jelly beans in (they don’t last long), some that are still empty cause I need to find things to store in them! With a few of these jars around at the moment I did think about using some to make some Christmas presents. What you think?

Love this gift idea for Cookies in a Jar. You can see the full post over at Make it Do, together with the free printables like the one on this jar, as well as a printables with the directions for baking.

And how about these labels for your mason jars that you give…  (Seen on Older and Wiser)

Or how about this cute sewing kit from The Paper Mama


Spring Kids Market Day – 16th October

Three of my most favourite things… (Sorry Gav, you’re one of my most most favourite things, but don’t quite fit into this post!)

Anyway – back to the post, three of my favourite things – handmade, kids and entrepreneurs….. Drum roll for the Spring Kids Market Day hosted by Kids Decor and you combine all three. What a stunning event, hats off to Kids Decor for hosting this. There are only 20 stalls available so if your budding little entrepreneur wants to join in don’t delay and get in touch with Sam soonest.

Join them for their Spring Kids Market Days on Sunday 16th October. All handmade and hand crafted items and kids games welcome, anything under R10 is the way of this market day! R20 per stall, only 20 spaces available. Book now at sam@kidsdecor.co.za, or call Sam on 082 8941289

Cupcakes to go!

Such a cute idea… perhaps for a market day for kids, or just a sweet idea for something different for cupcakes… love the added touch of wrapping a spoon around the cups… You can see the full tutorial over at  Nothing But Country

Handmade Lanterns – Paper and Glass

With summer just around the corner, we’re looking forward to spending plenty of warm evenings outside. I love these lanterns you can make – perfect for those evening you entertain, or even just for some family evenings at home.

First up are these paper lanterns from Design Sponge

In the ‘how to’ on their website, they even suggest making this into a handmade gift for someone… love that idea! Here’s what it looks like as a gift!

Here’s another idea for lanterns – this time using glass jars. This simple tutorial can be found here

I Heart Market

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Handmade Mobile

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog! I’ve come up with excuses in the past for not being the most regular blogger, but my excuse this time  is my favourite one – I’ve had a baby!

Because we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl (we had a gorgeous little girl) we chose a farmyard theme for the nursery. Some of my very creative friends came over and I had our very own home edition of extreme home makeover, transforming our spare room to a beautiful, warm and baby friendly nursery. Anyway, that’s a little beside the point – what these very creative and special friends also did for us was to make the most beautiful farmyard mobile – made with a lot of love and patience and of course creative genius, and too beautiful for me not to blog on (even if I’m a few months late!)

Don’t you just love the animals sewn with a suede felt – all by hand. It truly is beautiful and our darling Layla just loves watching the animals when she’s being changed. A big thank you to our Craft Club girls. xx

ps – thanks Tracy (from Scrapkits) for the pics

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