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Photo Editing 101 (Using a really easy online tool)

I’m a massive believer in the fact that a good photo of your product will go some extremely serious lengths in helping to sell an item when using the Internet to market and sell your goods. Just like presentation in a physical shop appeals to a buyer, or how you’ve often seen a plate of food coming past in a restuarant and ordered that exact dish because of how it was presented – it’s exactly the same in the online world.

There are of course many things to take into consideration when taking photos – I’m no expert in this field, but it doesn’t take rocket science to know how important good light is (so we can see the product you are shooting), the actual content of the photo (having it as the main feature is pretty important) and how an uncluttered photo can help. (I can’t stand it when a photo of a product is taken on a busy background, and you end up having to search for the product on sale!)

Drum roll… bring on PicMonkey – your ever so easy, ever so fun and ever so a little addictive photo editing tool, that really should be a no brainer to bookmark and use as one of the tools to promote your handmade products more effectively.

Using PicMonkey, it’s really quite quick and easy to brighten, lighten, add text, crop, add borders, use different filters (ie, make it look like a really old photo for example)  and generally make your photos look great. Best of all, it’s still free!

Other benefits of PicMonkey are the easy ability to watermark your photos of your products, so that no matter where your images of your products end up – you can always reference them back to your website, blog or Jamtin listing by creating a watermark over the products. See a nice and simple tutorial on how to do this here from LeHigh Valley Momma.

PicMonkey’s latest feature is creating collages, just like this one… you have to agree that they do make such a difference in the presentation. Another great feature from PicMonkey is the templates they offer – my favourite is the Facebook timeline image… for those of you with Facebook pages for your businesses, this could be a fun place to start?

There really are so many tutorials on the internet on how to use PicMonkey, like this one for example, but I would suggest that you monkey on over to their site, upload a photo from your computer and start playing with the various filters, adding text, lighting options etc… you can mess anything up, there’s always an undo button and you’ll be amazing at how easy it all is…

One, two, three… GO