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Lister Love – YUMMI

Maybe it’s because I’m a new(ish) mom, or because I love handmade,  or probably mostly because their products are just so beautiful, that I’ve fallen in love with Yummi. Not only are their products stunning, but the story behind Yummi is also one that is inspiring! Sam, a mom to 3 years had the courage to leave the corporate world behind her to focus on starting her own business – not only to allow herself more time with her kids, but in the process, she also uses her business to uplift members of their community. So there – how could you not love Yummi – on so many levels.

Here are some of their products that are my favourite…

Crocheted Baby blanket

Stunning Baby Bunting

An entire linen range – this picture from their “Surf’s Up” range.

And as for how cute their mobiles are…

How cute are these crazy monster toys..

As well as these crochet rattle balls

All these, and a bunch more gorgeous products are available at www.yummi.co.za

Pop over to www.jamtin.co.za to view a selection of more stunning handmade South African wares, or to become a lister yourself